Many of us are finding ourselves with free time that we didn’t plan to have just a month ago. It would be easy to treat the days as neutral and fail to maximize this unique opportunity. In Sunday’s Sermon, we learned that because time is a limited opportunity, we must maximize the time we’ve been given. We must redeem the time.

Here’s some good news! We are compiling some resources and providing other resources that you can utilize to expand your knowledge and love of the Lord. Prayerfully consider how you’re investing this time- will it produce the results you want? At the end of this pandemic, will you have taken more ground for the Lord in your mind, will, and emotions?

Let’s press in together and use this time to grow in our sanctification.

What we’re providing as a church:

  • RightNow Media– I’m excited to share that our church now has access to an extensive, new video library called RightNow Media! It’s like the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.We’re always looking for ways to help you develop and strengthen your faith. We believe that RightNow Media will be a tool to serve you as you live out your faith at home, at work and in your neighborhood. RightNow Media has videos for everyone—kids, youth, parents, married couples, college students, single adults, working professionals—all aimed at helping you grow.You should have already received an official invitation email to give you FREE access to RightNow Media. If you haven’t received it yet, check your mail filter (because it came from RightNow’s system, it may have gotten caught there).Once you find the email, simply click the link, sign up for an account, and you’re all set to explore more than 20,000 videos. We pray that RightNow Media will be a blessing for you and your family!Be sure to check out the Vertical Church Charleston Channel, which has studies that we have selected for you and your family during Holy Week
  • Virtual Visits– Even though we can’t meet up face-to-face, I’m still your pastor and I want to help you. If you would like to talk, please let me know by selecting a meeting time.
  • Vertical Kids @ Home Dawn and her team continue to work hard to provide resources for your family discipleship needs. Those resources are available on our website at the Vertical at Kids page.
    • One fun way to spread good news with your kids this week is to Click here for Vertical Church Charleston coloring pages.  Display them in your windows at home and in your car.  Leave them at the door of your neighbors with a little treat.  Be creative!


What others are providing for our church:

  • has a massive library of free resources made available for as long as schools are out.
  •  continues to offer Bible College and Seminary level courses for free.
  • Ligonier Ministries has many biblically sound resources available for free during this time
  • Crossway  is also offering more resources in the form of podcasts, verse cards, articles, interviews, and more for you right now.
  • Credo Courses is offering Gary Habermas’s seminar on the resurrection for free
  • Westminster Bookstore has made available 15 of their favorite chapters on worry, fear, and anxiety (PDF)
  • Twelve Stones Counseling is offering free 30-60 minute consultations for anyone in need of counseling help.
  • Focus on the Family is offering their Adventures in Odyssey club for free for 4 weeks. This is such a fun resource for kids.

As you can see, there is so much provided for us. Let’s go Vertical Church! Today is the day we redeem the time!