Ministry Approach

Since making disciples is the mission of the church, all the ministries of the church must support and serve the mission. The intentional direction of our student ministry must always be the discipleship of teens. The intentional direction of our Children’s Ministry will always be the discipleship of children and families. We must help people grow in their commitment to Christ and His church. And this is cyclical. As people grow in their commitment to the church, their commitment to Christ should be increasing. And as they are growing in their commitment to Christ, they should become more deeply committed to the church. Vertical Church Charleston will offer a number of ministries focused on helping one another grow together as disciples of Jesus. Here are just a few we are committed to:

High Impact Worship

John 4:24 God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

Worshiping in Spirit

At Vertical Church, corporate worship is highly participatory. We invite our people to worship with passion & energy. We don’t want to be lazy or lethargic when it comes time to worship. Instead, we want to be enthusiastic and demonstrative. Scripture allows for a great deal of freedom in worship (clapping, kneeling, raising hands, etc.), but we should never lose sight of the object of our worship—we worship God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Emotions are an acceptable part of worship, but should never be manipulated or fabricated. Healthy and appropriate expressions of emotion are part of what it means to worship genuinely in the Spirit.

Worshiping in Truth

The Bible is the ultimate authority when it comes to worship. At Vertical Church, therefore, we strive to worship in truth—the truth of who God is as revealed in Scripture. Strict attention is paid to theological content, ensuring that every lyric that is sung, every word spoken, and every art form expressed is biblically sound and supported. We also look to God’s Word to discern how God desires to be worshiped rather that follow the wisdom of man or the latest cultural fad.